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By administrador - Posted on 18 Marzo 2015

NEOCOSUR is a nonprofit voluntary association of Neonatal Intensive Care Units from a group of South American countries whose primary mission is the improvement of neonatal care and outcome in this region.


The main strategies for this mission include: 

 Continuous evaluation of mortality and morbidity of very low birth weight infants ( VLBWI) population in the region

 Designing and conducting clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of specific therapeutic interventions

 Provide a database that may be useful for outcome comparison for participating and non participating Units in the region (benchmarking), or elsewhere

 Outlining and disseminating information of proven beneficial therapies in the perinatal area and evaluating their impact in health care

 Promote educational and exchange projects in various aspects of medical, nurse and therapist care

 Collaborate with continuous education of all NICU personnel

 Promote follow up of VLBWI after discharge

 Promote care of parents of VLBWI during and after hospitalization